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Water Piping and Membrane

Fit drip edge

The pictures mainly show a vinyl roof edging strip but you should actually use a metal edging strip that is compatible with the brand of metal roofing that will be used.  Here is the one for the Nu-Metal brand.  In normal practice, the bend angle needs to match the roof pitch.  In my case a 45 degree (12:12) pitch with my 2x4 planking to vertical roof edge boards means I need about a 60 degree bend to fit the 2x4s and then carry over the vertical boards.

Metal roof edge strip 

Roof drip edge nailing 

South roof with drip edge installed 

South roof with drip edge from above 

Fit PEX piping

Roof PEX pipe retainer strips 

Roof bottom corner PEX pipe 

South roof with PEX pipe fitted 

Grace Ice & Water

Details on the Grace Ice & Water roof membrane are here .

The horizontal overlap needs to be at least 4".  Overlaps from a left strip to a right strip should be 6".

Cut a length of Grace to be 2" longer than the roof width (including the overhang of the vinyl drip edges).

You need to start with the bottom of the roof first (so that the overlaps are correct for shedding water).

Put the length on the roof by taping it every 18" using duct tape.

Grace taped in place initially 

Grace Ice and Water held in place initially with duct tape 

Gradually pull back the paper backing by reaching your arm under the sheet.  Make sure not to rip the paper or some of it may be left behind.

Grace Ice and Water pullback technique 

For the last piece it is still worth using duct tape, but this time tape the bottom edge and pull from above.

Grace Ice and Water Shield - top of slope 

The last length of Grace curls back into the roof vent.

North roof with Grace Ice and Water shield 

The following shows the north roof done.

Site - North roof with Grace Ice and water shield

This shows all the Grace Ice and Water Shield done except for covering the roof vents...

Roof with Grace over everywhere apart from vents 

Lastly the roof vents are temporarily covered to keep the rain out until the proper vent grill is implemented...

Grace Ice & Water Shield over full roof 

Here's the building with all the Grace Ice & Water Shield applied.

Site with roof waterproofing 

Trim the excess off round the edges using the outer edge of the vinyl drip edge as the cutting guide.