My info sharing mission

This web site is all about sharing my experience from designing and building my own super energy efficient long lasting house.  It will hopefully help you build your own house.  It addresses house building from first principles and the design is heavily based on fundamental Building Science.  It describes lots of building Techniques and Materials used in My House, as well as providing a detailed Step-by-Step guide to building your own house.


Dave Marsh

Dave head 

Born and raised in Hertford, England (25 miles north of London).  Lived and worked on the south coast of England (House in Poole, Dorset).  In 1997 moved to Redmond WA USA to work for a large software company. 

I live in the town of Carnation (in Washington State, USA), hence the name of the web site is CarnationConstruction.com and the various building products I have designed include the word Carnation, eg Carnation ICF and Carnation Flooring.

Dave hard hat 

Hobbies include building houses, writing software, and doing other fun stuff.

Dave Ibiza