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         Star House Design

         Star Classical Architecture


     Building Science

         Star Fundamentals

         Star Foundation and Wall Design

         Star Insulation Formed Concrete Walling

         Star Carnation Certification 

         Star Zero Net Energy

         Star Thermal Mass


     Code and Drawings

         Star Building Code

         Star Blueprints

         Star AutoCAD

         Star Structural Engineering



         Star Carnation Walling (ICF)

         Star Carnation Flooring

         Star Polystyrene Foundations

         Star Columns

         Star Balconies

         Star Stucco Bricking


      Plot Infrastructure

         Star Drainage

         Star Sewage System

         Star Well House Design

         Star Shed Building

         Star Exterior Lighting

         Star Rain Water System

         Star Landscaping and Gardening 

         Star Retaining Walls 

         Star Driveways 



         Star Building Code

         Star Drain Waste Vent

         Star Water Feed

         Star Water Controls

         Star Bathroom Fixtures

         Star Kitchen and Utility Fixtures

         Star Plans



         Star Building Code


         Star Feed to Panels

         Star Grounding and Surges

         Star Conduit

         Star Backup Power

         Star Tools

         Star Outlets and Boxes

         Star Lighting

         Star Smoke Detectors


      Interior Infrastructure

         Star Ventilation

         Star Heating

         Star Fire Sprinklers


      Automation and Data

         Star Data Wiring

         Star Home Automation


      Interior Design

         Star General

         Star Counter Tops

         Star Kitchen

         Star Bathrooms

         Star Mud Room and Utility Room



         Star General

         Star Saw Mill





         Star Preparedness

         Star Affordability

         Star Choose and Buy Plot

         Star Draw Plot Map

         Star Design and Draw Your House

         Star Geotech Survey

         Star Produce Blueprints

         Star Structural Engineering

         Star Critical Areas Survey

         Star Obtain Building Permit



          Star Prepare Site

          Star Dig Foundation

          Star Under Slab Plumbing

          Star Form Footing

          Star Fill Under Slab

          Star Foundation Lining

          Star Foundation Rebar

          Star Foundation Concrete Pour


    Basement Walls and Ceiling

         Star Carnation Walling (ICF)

         Star Carnation Flooring

         Star Decking and Porticos

         Star Access Holes

         Star Concrete Pour

         Star Concrete Set Time

         Star Batons Doors Windows

         Star Making Good


    Basement Waterproofing and Deck

         Star Waterproofing Below Grade

         Star Stucco

         Star External Trim

         Star Deck Drainage

         Star Basement Functionality


    Main Level Walls and Ceiling


    Main Level Internals




    Bedroom Walls and Ceiling


    Roof and Attic

         Star Roof Framing

         Star Water Piping Membrane

         Star Flat Roofing Vents Drip Edges

         Star Metal Roofing

         Star Walkway Railings Gutters Finishing


    Bedroom Level Internals


    Essential Functionality


    Main Level Finishing


    Bedroom Level Finishing


My House

     Star Plot Map

     Star Elevations

     Star Floor Plans

     Star Detail Drawings

     Star Evaluation Shed

     Star Plot Photos

     Star Yard Work

     Star Forestry

     Star Carnation

     Star Living with Bears

     Star Animals



     Star ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)

     Star Rebar

     Star Concrete

     Star Lumber

     Star Form-a-drain

     Star Windows

     Star Doors

     Star Expanded Polystyrene Sheet

     Star Ice and Water Shield

     Star Metal Roofing