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Dance Parties

If you want to be included on the list for parties then send mail...

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Upcoming Events

Invasion Oct 22nd 2021

Party Mixes

To practice your dance moves at home, click on a mix video...

4 Hours, All Genres, All Tens



The streams are provided purely to demonstate the operation of my automated DJ software.  The content is available on YouTube, so presummably Google is happy with its copyright status, but if anyone does have a problem with any specific content, I apologize and if you send me email I will without delay remove the offending content.


I promise to keep your email address confidential.  No data will be shared with anyone.

Automated DJ Software

The parties are run by my automated DJ software, sometimes called my VideoJukebox.  It automatically handles the picking of the appropriate songs at the appropriate times and also all the mixing.  All the DJ has to do is wave their arms in the air and dance.  The party streams above are just an output from the fully automated software.

VideoJukebox ScreenShot Main

External Parties

I am available for doing parties at external venues (for a modest negotiable fee).  I can transport all the equipment to anywhere within a 30 mile radius of Carnation, WA.  The setup is suitable for both indoor parties and even large outside venues.  To book, send email to the address above.


10,000 Watt sound system with big speaker stacks for lots of bass.  10 foot screen with a video projector for showing the music videos that accompany the music.  Lots of fun lights.

Music type

Electronic Dance Music and well known Classic Pop tunes from all years for all ages.  Before making a booking it is worth listening to some of the party streams above to check that the type of music is suitable for your party.


It's all about the dance music rather than being an MC on a microphone.  If you are doing a wedding you might want to designate (or hire) someone to be the master of ceremonies (I can hand them a wireless microphone).  I don't do party games or karaoke.  It's all about people having a great time dancing.  The music is aimed at USA and European tastes and its suitability for other audiences such as South American and the Far East is up to you to judge.

Space Requirements

Can use either rear projection or front projection.  Ether way, the distance from the front of the projector to the screen needs to be 12 foot 3 inches.  For rear projection I have a platform assembly that puts the projector at the right height.  For front projection the platform assembly cannot be used (as it would be in the middle of the dance floor) so a means of suspending the projector from the ceiling needs to be figured out.  Some venues already have a suitable projector that can take an HDMI feed, so that makes things simpler.

This is the space needed for the rear projection case...

Space requirements

System In Storage 


Test Streams

These are just used to test performance on different platforms (nothing to see here).

Short Test 1 (HLS & DASH)


Short Test 2 (HLS & DASH)


Short Test 3 (HLS & DASH)


Short Test 4 (HLS & DASH)


Test HD (HLS & DASH)


Test HLS only


Test DASH only